Artful Venture

Artful Venture is an online marketplace created to empower the creativity and originality of artists. With a strong passion to consume consciously and support the artistically ambitious, we feature artists from around the world and provide marketing and aid in unique sales through our website. 


Artful Venture was founded by two best friends combining their favorite things in life: art and adventure. In the summer of 2013 we scrounged up what little savings we had, bought a one-way ticket to South America, and let inspiration be our guide. 

Through our own artful venture, we realized a movement was in the making. Living artfully is appreciating the hard work, detail, and passion that people around the world instill in their craft. 

To further Artful Venture's support of the arts, every purchase directly empowers the next generation of artists and creative thinkers. Our nonprofit partner, Fundación Arte del Mundo, promotes literacy, creative expression, and a love of the arts through a free after-school program in Baños, Ecuador. For every Artful Venture product sold, we donate 5% of the proceeds directly to Arte del Mundo.

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