Google Shopping Insights

Shopping Insights is a tool for retail merchandisers to uncover which products and brands are popular, trending up or down, and how these insights vary by reasons in the U.S.

UX Lead | UI


Brands and retailers do not have the tools and breadth of data to accurately forecast sales, trends, or budgets. They recognize the need to be omnichannel, but struggle with the tools to get there.

So we asked ourselves: How might we create an approachable tool that helps retailers and merchandisers understand their consumers' shopping-related search habits better? 



With a completely redesigned backend data structure, we had to reimagine how the user might be able to interact with that data. Through a clean and scalable design system, we created an easy way for retailers and merchandisers to sift through 100,000+ brands, categories and products while making sure the insights were surfaced front and center. 




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