UX Research & Information Architecture

I worked with Free Range Studio to redesign League of Conservation Voter's website from the ground up. The goal for the new site was to increase members who self-identify as a part of the LCV. 

Client: League of Conservation Voters

Services: UX Research, Information Architecture

Year: 2016

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UX Research

Process included: Site Audit with Google Analytics and qualitative, Competitive Analysis, card sorting. 

I planned a workshop for major key players to clarify:

  • Goals
  • Users
  • What makes LCV remarkable?
  • Visualize the relationship between each of LCV’s organizations.
  • Create a profile for your ideal new LCV member - user persona worksheets provided
  • How might we help new visitors to feel like they are an integral part of LCV’s mission?

Information Architecture

Navigation Option 1: Create a navigation that clearly directs users to the primary actions they want to take.

Navigation Option 2: Create a simplified navigation that clearly communicates who LCV is and what they are doing.

Define Site Modules + Wireframe

To encourage users to return to the site and interact with content relevant to their interests, I employed dynamic modules. The wireframe to the right helped clarify this idea to the client. Blog posts, events, or recent news could all be pulled in to give a fuller picture of the issue being researched.

Navigation and the architecture of the site was a core challenge. The wireframe below quickly expressed the "hover" interaction. Because LCV had a complicated set of issues and sub organizations, a secondary navigation was necessary to keep the content organized while alluding that the content is simple - only three primary actions.