Native Tech

Native Tech is a startup based in Singapore which provides the bespoke experiences for hotel guests through contextual and personalized experiences. 



For the guest mobile app, I wanted every interaction to feel personalized starting with the onboarding process. The homescreen reinforced the personalized virtual concierge experience by showing location or time based tips and messages. The core features of the guest app included communicating with hotel staff, sending requests, viewing trips, and setting stay preferences.

For the concierge app, I wanted to ensure that the hotel staff could quickly respond to guest needs and efficiently communicate with them. The goal was to design an experience that could be used by various hotel employee groups in an efficient and simple way to provide the highest possible level of service.



Research & Narratives

We started by building a user narrative around the wireframes provided to us by the client. We filled in the gaps and determined the most important features by getting inside the user's head. 

I researched a number of hotel concierge, customer service apps, and chatbots that helped me define some of the core features.

Full NarrativeFull Narrative

User Flows

To further clarify the requirements of both the mobile app and tablet app, we specked out the features and interactions core to each screen.


Using the user flows as a guide, I built high fidelity wireframes for both the tablet concierge app and the mobile guest app. I played with multiple different iterations of lower fidelity wireframes before finalizing these features with the client. Depending on the scope of the project, I often jump directly into Sketch to wireframe since it is my fastest tool.


We used design elements that were native to both iOS and Android.


Tablet View

Brian Beavers took the lead on the tablet UI after I handed off my assets. 

iPad UIiPad UI