Techmate is a Y-Combinator (S16) Startup that provides tech help for smart homes.



I joined Techmate when it was a 3-person company and just accepted to Y-Combinator summer '16. We needed to scale the company quickly, create a brand, and design and code a viable product by YC's demo day. 

Techmate (Now Axius)

Product Design (App & Web)
Website with eCommerce
Marketing Design
Brand Design & Creative Direction


Brand Design & Creative Direction

I provided the following: logo design, color scheme, custom iconography, brand guidelines, photoshoot for custom stock photos, reinforcement & development of the brand through the website & ads.

App Design


I started with In-person interviews with our Techmates to understand their attitudes and daily habits before, during, and after appointments. Using my interview insights, I created a narrative map to organize ideas and determine key interactions where the app might be helpful in their current habits. 


User Flows & Scope Definition

I mocked out user flows to further define and spec out the features that will need to be built. They also help keep me organized when I jump into wireframing. To document some of the ideas rooted from the user research, I fully fleshed out the 'nice to have' user flows for our Techmates (left). Having only one engineer on our team at the time (and because limitations are fun), we decreased the scope to a true MVP that solves the core challenges (right).


After determining the feature set to continue exploring, I sketch out how the features might look and feel. I typically do high fidelity wireframes because it's easier for me to explore a variety of treatments directly in Sketch. 



I used material design standards for easy development. The goal of the app was to organize our IT contractors to streamline our operations. 

UI ShadowsUI Shadows

Smart Home Control Center

To help with fundraising, we needed to conceptualize what our product would look like in 5 years. Based on our current customers, we determined that we needed to build two products for two separate user groups. 

Chat Bot

The first user group has a hands off approach to their Smart Home. They only want to know about issues if action is needed, and they prefer a simplistic experience. To accomidate this, I designed a chatbot that the user could periodically check in on. Notifications would only send if action is absolutely needed to fix the core functionality of their Smart Home.


Web Dashboard Interface

The second user group are DIYers who want insights and data about the health and functionality of their smart home. To accomidate the larger amount of reporting, I designed a web interface for total control. (click below for full prototype)



Website Front End Development

In classic startup fashion, I had to finish the new home page within two weeks so we could get data to validate our idea. I condensed my design process and focused heavily on qualitative data from user research I had done previously. Focusing on content to differentiate Techmate, I did all the copywriting, photography, content flow, icon design, and front-end development (bootstrap, SASS, Jade/html, GitHub).

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